The political party financing law took the first step in the Senate

The political party financing law took the first step in the Senate

The political party financing bill was approved in committee in the Senate, after having been approved in November of last year in Deputies, which allows him to go to the plenary session of the High camera; His vote occurred in the midst of a controversy over the minutes used in a campaign spot by the presidential candidate for the National Party, Álvaro Delgado.

Last Friday it was approved by the committee of the Senate the bill that aims to regulate the financing of political parties and for which they clashed Town meeting and the Wide Front with the Colorado Party and the National Party. In that sense, the nationalist senator, Jorge Gandiniassured at a press conference that it was not modified but that the only thing where there is a difference is the free propaganda on television channels.

Regarding this, lobbyists and Frente Amplistas achieved a majority of six legislators compared to eleven to approve the section on the number of minutes that candidates have free on television. As Gandini explained, the distribution of minutes for each match was established in the project and consists of ten minutes per hour for four hours a day, that is, 40 minutes per day. They will be divided between eight and twelve at night and will be broadcast on television channels throughout the country and of all types.

Delgado’s controversial spot

The Delgado candidate’s campaign had a four-minute and thirty-six-second video in prime time to promote his government plan.

The promotion, however, comes at the final minute, with the message from the former Secretary of the Presidency’s website where the document is accessed. Before doing so, a detailed overview of the policies of the government of Luis Lacalle Pou, interspersed with messages at Delgado’s political events. The sum is a synthesis of what is baptized as “first floor of transformations” and the promise of moving towards a second floor.

It was that audiovisual construction that ignited anger in the Broad Front (FA) and Open Town Hall (CA), forces that considered the duration of the spot to be exaggerated to end up promoting a website.

The FA considered that the piece is clearly a campaign spot and not an invitation to read the government program on the website. Alvaro Delgado.

The actual electoral advertising law (17,045) points out that “political parties may begin their electoral advertising in the media of radio broadcasting, open television, television for subscribers and written press from 30 for the internal elections”, that is, on June 1 in this case.

From the National Party They pointed out that the spot complies with the law because it falls within article 2 of the same, which excludes “the dissemination of information about political events and usual activities of the functioning of the parties,” since it is an invitation to learn about the program. of Delgado’s government.

For Cabildo Abierto, however, the discussion does not concern the deadlines met or missed for the promotion of the pre-candidate Álvaro Delgado, but rather the “almost obscene deployment of certain currents or political sectors, which are making a demonstration of economic power and resources that seem almost infinite”, in the words of its leader, Senator Guido Manini Ríos.

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