Wolf released for shooting again in East Tyrol

Wolf released for shooting again in East Tyrol
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Five dead sheep were found in an alpine pasture area near Bretterwald in the municipality of Matrei, and another had to be killed. After an assessment by the responsible official veterinarian, there was suspicion that a wolf was involved.

The ordinance came into force when it was announced on Tuesday. The regulation was valid for a period of eight weeks within a radius of ten kilometers from the location of the event. The responsible hunters have already been informed, the state said in a release. All animal owners were also recommended to protect sheep and goats in their home pastures with a “wolf-repellent fence” or to put them in a safe stable at night.

Two valid hunting regulations

This means that two shooting regulations were currently in effect in East Tyrol. Most recently, sheep were injured in an alpine area in Thurn. Previously, a regulation for the shooting of a harmful wolf had also been issued in East Tyrol, at that time in the Villgratental. A few hours later, the predator was finally shot by the hunters. So far, a total of five wolves have been killed in Tyrol according to shooting regulations.

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Last year, the Tyrolean state parliament passed an amendment to the law that allowed killing by decree and no longer by notice. Previous decisions had been overturned by the court several times after environmental organizations had successfully appealed against them. The shooting regulations now apply to a wolf – and not to an individual. These and similar regulations in the federal states continually cause legal and political debates. The EU Commission recently gave signals towards lowering the protection status of the wolf. A measure that is constantly being demanded by those in power in Tyrol, among others.

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