Orsi picked up Mujica’s keys to do better what Uruguay already does

Orsi picked up Mujica’s keys to do better what Uruguay already does

The pre-candidate of Broad Front, Yamandú Orsi, He said that the former president Jose Mujica gave him some keys “to do better what he Uruguay already done”, in reference to a series of policies, mostly linked to the agricultural sector, that could apply if you win the elections 2024.

After proposing that the country “is falling apart,” Orsi met with Mujica at the former president’s farm, focusing on four central factors, all of them linked to agriculture: meat, the milk, he rice and the horticulture.

He former mayor of Canelones He said that the MPP representative told him “what are the keys to doing much better what the Uruguay “He has been doing it for a long time, without incorporating anything new, beyond the fact that he always talks about how to look for new paths.”

The meat and milk market

With respect to meat, Mujica raised the goal of “how to have three million calves a year,” as revealed by Orsi, considering that it is “a rather structural issue.” “There are a lot of small producers, breeders, who should be able to reach their goal, in the case of calves”, he pointed out.

With respect to milk sector, the candidate stated that “Colonization can be the tool” and maintained that “dependence on leasing is a problem,” remembering that “it is a product that depends a lot on the international price”.

“So, when the international price is good, the cow is better fed and produces more. Now, when the price drops, you are left with a very complicated nail,” she emphasized.

Mujica He then proposed that “the only way is to take the example of what has been done in New Zealand, where much more work is done with the pasture, and there the conclusion is that more land is needed,” revealed the former mayor.

Rice and horticulture

Orsi pointed out that “the keys to rice They are more about getting more space, and that means better managing the water in that partnership that exists between rice and livestock, that can continue to work well.” “As the surface area increases, much more rice is produced that is very good worldwide,” he highlighted.

Meanwhile, he considered that “where we have to support more with politics quite protectionist, and whatever it is, it is the horticulture” and, in the words of Mujica, he cited that there is “a knot that has to do with sovereignty or food safety from the country”.

“The other three products are from export. The concern with horticulture is that the world does not have the luxury, much less here, of those who produce food for the Internal market, They are based on the field and in the end you end up importing. That cannot happen,” he stated.

Regarding this last point, he indicated that this scenario is known to the producers. “The case of horticulture, or the farm to put it more clearly, has some knots that are difficult to untie, it will require a much more active policy so that the gurisada stays and so that it does not happen to us that you end up importing everything you end up eating” Orsi noted.

Although he admitted that “the banana will continue to come in the same volumes, because that’s how it is in the world,” he countered: “It can’t happen to you that because the size of the apple or pear is small one year, we bring in from outside because “We don’t like that size.”

“I think we have to have a slightly more protectionist policy, that’s what we talked about,” said the candidate about his talk with Mujica and reviewed: “There’s the La Granja Institute to be formed. You have to put content into it and you have to give the producers the leading role when it comes to conducting.”

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