Alejandro Astesiano will testify about the passport given to drug trafficker Sebastián Marset

Alejandro Astesiano will testify about the passport given to drug trafficker Sebastián Marset

The former presidential custodian will be summoned as a witness by the Economic Crimes Prosecutor, Alejandro Machado.

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He former presidential custodian, Alejandro Astesianowas quoted by the Prosecutor for Economic Crimes, Alejandro Machadoto testify as a witness in the framework of the case that investigates the delivery of a passport to the drug trafficker Sebastián Marset when he was imprisoned in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) in 2021.

Machado seeks to gather more information about a WhatsApp audio that Astesiano sent on the subject to the notary, Alvaro Fernandez Garciarecently convicted along with his wife for their participation in the Russian passport plot of the Astesian case.

In the voice message, which was sent once the controversy over the delivery of the passport to Marset came to light, Astesiano assures that “everything was fine” and that what was going to be complicated was the former vice chancellor Carolina Achetoday presidential candidate for the Colorado Party (PC).

“The one who is going to eat there is the vice minister, for something she did. And she still did it while we were there in Dubai,” he said in reference to the visit of the first lady Lorena Ponce de León to the Dubai Expo 2020which finally took place from October 2021 to March 2022, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The chats between Astesiano and the notary took place on the same day that the interpellation was carried out in the parliament of the former chancellor, Francisco Bustilloand the former Minister of the Interior, Luis Alberto Heber.

Is Astesiano linked to the Marset case?

The prosecutor wants to know if Astesiano, imprisoned since September 2022 for the scandal of forging passports of Russian citizens, has important information for the case around Marset.

Last Tuesday, the Attorney General’s Office resumed the subpoenas of the case, testifying as witnesses an official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MRREE) and Santiago Moratoriumdrug trafficker’s lawyer.

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