Award for Wels: How will the State Garden Show 2027 be a success?

Award for Wels: How will the State Garden Show 2027 be a success?
The city presents its new public garden.

It’s been fixed since the weekend: The Upper Austrian State Garden Show 2027 will be held in Wels under the motto “Garden… finds city”. As reported, the focus is on the expanded Volksgarten, which will replace the eastern exhibition halls. A “magic mountain” on the Reinberg in Thalheim as well as the integration of the castle gardens and the city museums are also planned.

After the commitment, the question arises: What does the State Horticultural Show have to achieve in order to be successful in the long term? Mayor Andreas Rabl wants to use the opportunity to strengthen the city’s image: “We have the opportunity to present ourselves as a clean, safe city.”

Tourist magnet

The integration of the Volksgarten on one side and the Burggarten on the other ensures that visitors are attracted to the city center. “The second big advantage is that we can also demonstrate how unsealing can work in the middle of the city,” says Rabl.

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Vice Mayor Klaus Schinninger (SP) sees the garden show primarily as an upgrade for the new Volksgarten: “The number of visitors must increase the awareness of the park throughout the entire region,” he says in an interview with the OÖN.

This is also what City Councilor for Economics and Tourism Martin Oberndorfer (VP) calls for: “This gives us the opportunity to use the park for tourism as well.” For example, the area is intended to serve as an extension for the light park that the city builds annually around Advent. “We are creating a destination for people who have a half-hour to an hour journey time. The state horticultural show is the best type of advertising we can create,” says Oberndorfer.

The Welios, for which the city council is responsible, should also be upgraded: “I am very pleased that this has already been taken into account in the draft budget.” Especially since a decision on direction is due in 2026: Then the financing of the “Participatory Museum” will expire. What happens next is still unclear. “In my opinion, we should preserve the Welios as an important educational institution without modifying it too much. With the funds for the garden show, we can set up a new permanent exhibition that would be preserved,” says Oberndorfer.

City councilor Thomas Rammerstorfer (Greens) is focusing on climate-friendly planting: “We have to react to warming, that’s what all the gardeners among the visitors are currently concerned about.” The show is also an opportunity to experiment, he says: “The Welser Heideboden has some peculiarities. The city can also try out how we can wrest as much green as possible from it.”

“Free entry” for the people of Wels

As reported, a separate company is to be founded to organize the State Garden Show. The garden planning will be carried out by the company YEWO, which is already responsible for the Volksgarten.

Visitors will have to pay an entrance fee for selected areas of the State Garden Show. The city of Wels is using this opportunity to cover part of the investments for the Volksgarten and the costs of holding the state horticultural show in addition to the funding from the state. But there is good news for the people of Wels: According to Mayor Rabl, a solution is currently being worked on that would allow the city’s population to visit the state horticultural show free of charge for the entire year 2027.

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