Spain, Ireland and Norway will recognize Palestine as a State

Spain, Ireland and Norway will recognize Palestine as a State

Spain, Ireland and Norway They announced this Wednesday their decision to recognize Palestine as a State at the end of this month, and they hope that other countries will imitate them, given the “danger” that the two state solution for the war in the Gaza Strip.

He Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Størewas the first to announce the decision from Oslo, where the now moribund agreements were negotiated, which committed Israelis and Palestinians to accept peaceful coexistence between two independent states.

“We must realize the only alternative that offers a political solution to both Israelis and Palestinians: two states, living side by side, in peace and security,” he said.

The announcement was later joined by President of Spain, Pedro Sánchez: “The time has come to move from words to action, to tell the millions of innocent Palestinians who suffer that we are with them, that there is hope,” he declared before Parliament in Madrid.

Pedro Sánchez.JPG

Pedro Sánchez before Parliament in Madrid.


He socialist leader, which at the end of last year announced its intention to work towards this recognition, spent months negotiating with other European capitals to take this step. The recognition will take place on May 28as they advanced.

The solution of the two states is he “only credible path to peace and security for Israel and Palestine, and for their peoples,” said the Irish Prime Minister Simon Harris.

Israel’s response

Israel’s response was not long in coming and He communicated with his ambassadors in Ireland and Norway to confirm the information revealed. He is expected to do the same with his ambassador in Spain.

“Today I send a strong message to Ireland and Norway: Israel will not remain silent in the face of this,” Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz said in a statement. “The hasty steps of both countries will have more serious consequences,” he stated, establishing a precedent for countries that want to accompany the initiative.

France considers that it is not a good time to recognize Palestine as a State

“The recognition of Palestine is not a taboo for France,” but “This decision must be useful, allowing decisive progress on the political level“said Foreign Minister Stéphane Séjourné to AFP, after Spain, Ireland and Norway took the step.

Minister of Foreign Affairs France.JPG

Foreign Minister Stéphane Séjourné shared France's position on declaring Palestine as a state.

Foreign Minister Stéphane Séjourné shared France’s position on declaring Palestine as a state.


“In this sense, it must arrive at the right time so that there is a before and after,” since “it is not just a matter of symbolism or political positioning,” the official wrote, implying that France does not consider that it is the right time to advance this measure.

The decision should be “a diplomatic tool at the service of the two-state solution that coexists in peace and security,” he added, referring to an Israeli state and a Palestinian state. “France does not consider that the conditions are yet in place for this decision to have a real impact on this process.” , he pointed out.

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