Without agreements, there could be a lack of beer in June

Without agreements, there could be a lack of beer in June

After the failure of the meeting between the union and the company, the president of the FOEB assured that the preparation was stopped and will continue that way if a resolution is not reached.

The National Beer Factory (FNC) and the Federation of Beverage Workers and Employees (FOEB) They have not yet reached an agreement regarding the closure of the plant in Minas, which causes the union to extend the strike and jeopardize the supply of national beer starting in June.

At the beginning of this month, FNC announced the closure of the Minas plant, which provoked the union’s response with forceful measures that included strikes and stoppages. If no agreement is reached, the president of FOEB, Fernando Ferreiraassured that Uruguay would run out of domestic beer starting next month.

“Today what is stopped is the production, the distribution is maintained and there is stock in distributors and also in large stores and so on, but in case distribution enters the conflict it will obviously begin to be lacking because for us there has to be a solution to the problem,” Ferreira explained.

In that sense, the president of the union assured that the only way for them to reverse the forceful measures is for the company to announce that the plant is not closing, which would leave 150 people without jobs. “In order for us to review the end of the strike or lift the strike partially, that is, leave it without effect for a time, FNC’s announcement must appear on the table that it annuls the closure of the plant or that it is ready to to review the operations of the plant (of which the closure was announced)”, he said and assured that this would cause the company to lose around two million dollars per month.

A key meeting

A meeting of several portfolios and the company was held on Tuesday. The leaders of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), the Ministry of the Environmenthe Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining (MIEM), the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (MTSS) and the president of UTE.

This coincides with the government’s intentions to create two dialogue tables to address the situation of FNC. One of them corresponds to trying to solve the economic problem of the company that claims to have lost competitiveness in the market due to imports of beers from Argentina and Brazil, which would cause the closure of the plant in Minas.

The other dialogue table corresponds to trying to provide a response to the company’s union regarding the possibility that 150 employees will be left without a job if the closure takes place. However, the union was not invited to Tuesday’s meetings.

After the meeting, the Minister of Labor, Mario Aritzi, He told El País that it was a meeting that sought to collect information from the company to analyze. “There are many variables that must be studied and for that the exchange of information is necessary,” specified the leader.

In that sense, Aritzi assured that the intention is to move forward quickly on the issue, although there is still no defined date to discuss the matter again. The leader stressed that even more information is needed to be able to study the case, although he assured that there are intentions to reach a solution. “Our mood is positive, in that there is a willingness to seek solutions, even among the participants of the tables that were formed,” he said.

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