Adolescents with psychosis have usually previously consumed cannabis

Adolescents with psychosis have usually previously consumed cannabis

Cannabis consumption is partially legal in Germany.

Studies have shown this repeatedly that cannabis harms the immature brains of young people. The connection between adolescent cannabis use and psychotic disorders may be even stronger than previously thought, shows a study presented in the journal “Psychological Medicine.” Most adolescents who are diagnosed with a psychotic disorder have a history of cannabis use.

Unfocused, dull

In a psychotic disorder, perception is impaired. The ability to concentrate and learn is limited, and the ability to feel joy or sadness is dulled. In addition, there is often the feeling of being completely flooded by environmental stimuli.

The problem is that the THC content has increased dramatically compared to the joints of the 60s and 70s. According to experts, it is plausible that THC affects the brains of young people in particular: During puberty, the brain is a kind of major construction site and is particularly easy to throw out of balance. According to the research team in Canada, it is assumed that THC influences, among other things, nerve fiber connections and the development of white matter in the brain via the body’s own cannabinoid system. Cannabis consumption during puberty reduces intelligence by up to ten IQ points.

According to addiction expert Rainer Thomasius from the University Hospital of Hamburg-Eppendorf, the legalization of cannabis in Germany poses problems: “We can already predict that the incidence of psychosis will increase.” According to the addiction expert, young people are not aware of such risks. The risk of relapse is also extremely high throughout life.

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