Fresh meat from Austria: Kröswang offers next day delivery

Fresh meat from Austria: Kröswang offers next day delivery

Anyone who consumes schnitzel and roast pork in the inn will have a better chance of having fresh meat from Austrian cattle, pigs and turkeys on their plate in the future. From now on, restaurateurs from Austria and Germany can order fresh meat from the family business Kröswang (until 12 p.m.) and have a delivery guarantee for the next day.

Behind this is a sophisticated, fully digitalized logistics system and long-standing partnerships with meat producers such as Wech (poultry), Marcher Fleischwerke (both Carinthia), Großfurtner (Utzenaich/Upper Austria), Schirnhofer and Sonnberg.

On Wednesday, a number of people – they represented around one billion euros in annual meat sales – sat with Manfred Kröswang at the Klaushof in Grieskirchen to officially present “the industry’s most modern fresh central warehouse with 500 items that we can deliver just in time all year round.” Company boss Manfred Kröswang said.

Incentive for gastronomy

“24/7 free home deliveries are a real advantage, you have to do it once,” said Karl Feichtinger, Managing Director of Wech Gewickel GmbH. “This is an essential piece of the puzzle for the supply chain,” said Norbert Marcher, managing director of Marcher Fleischwerke, which processes 140,000 cattle and a million pigs annually.

With fast logistics, the risk for restaurateurs decreases. With fresh meat delivered the next day, this industry, which is heavily dependent on the weather, can plan more confidently. The companies hope that this will encourage more restaurateurs to buy local meat.

The trend is heading in this direction: Kröswang continuously increased sales of “Klaushof fresh meat” from Austria to 29.6 million euros. The food wholesaler’s total sales with more than 600 employees climbed by 50 million euros to 372 million euros in 2023. In the last financial year alone, the company invested more than 30 million euros, of which 20 million were in the central warehouse in Germany (Pfaffenhofen) and in 69 fresh produce trucks.

No origin label yet

The “sore point” is still the lack of mandatory labeling of origin in gastronomy, criticized Josef Moosbrugger, President of the Austrian Chamber of Agriculture, who praised the Grieskirchen company’s regionality offensive. “Someone simply had to take it into their own hands and help the ‘freshness and quality and regionality’ value chain break through.”

German commercial kitchens also buy a lot of quality meat from Kröswang and therefore sell a menu for around one euro more. “This also works for a few thousand menus a day and is economical.”

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