The conflict in transport escalates and Unott threatens a general strike

The conflict in transport escalates and Unott threatens a general strike

The Copsa conflict is still ongoing and other unions are showing solidarity with the claim by evaluating broader force measures.

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The National Union of Transport Workers and Workers (Unott) is evaluating the possibility of carrying out a general transport strike within the framework of the claim of the workers of Copsa.

The resolution will be known this Wednesday afternoon, according to the general secretary of the Unott, Luis Aguirre. “At 6 p.m. or a little more we will have the resolution, obviously if there is no solution there will be some measure,” the union leader told Subrayado.

Regarding the possibility of a strike taking place throughout the passenger transport sector, Aguirre assured that it is a palpable possibility. “It is a certain possibility. We are looking with the other unions, because someone has to set a limit,” he stated.

Regarding the claim by the workers of Copsa and the inconsistency in the payment of wages, Aguirre stressed that a limit was crossed in the situation. “It is clear that efforts were made, first of all by the workers, who are not getting paid correctly, and are behind on everything, rent, everything. They pay in installments, they are at 45 or 50% of the salary,” he questioned.

“We are telling the company that we have to negotiate, we have to be serious, respect the workers who have been coming since 2021 with salaries in parts,” he added.

Copsa has been on strike for 72 hours

He unemployment of the Copsa Workers Association (ATC) continues this Wednesday and will reach 72 hours, after the union did not reach an agreement after meeting with representatives of the Ministry of Transportation and Public Works (MTOP).

The union insists that the problem is purely salary and clarified that the force measure has nothing to do with the bridge loan of the Banco República (BROU), which they trust will be given in the coming days and will be used for debts from the last three years.

“The company must pay wages, because it is a company that is regulated and has an adequate rate for the payment of salaries. “It is the third month that the company does not pay,” he claimed. Andrés Martínez, ATC delegate, in dialogue with Underlined.

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