Fernando Mattos admitted a break in productivity in soybeans and rice due to the floods

Fernando Mattos admitted a break in productivity in soybeans and rice due to the floods

The Minister of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries, Fernando Mattos, admitted that there is “a break in productivity” in the crops of soy and rice, due to the persistent rains that generated floods and led to the decree of an agricultural emergency due to excess water in some areas of Rocha and Treinta y Tres.

Mattos confirmed that the resolution covers 1,200,000 hectares in the southeast of the territory, with an impact on the cattle raising, the agriculture and the dairy, while he warned that what happened in Brazil, with a strong productive impact, it can happen “at any time” and he admitted: “We are not prepared.”

The owner of the MGAP recognized “a certain decline in yields” and maintained that “there will be a few kilos less per hectare than the producer who is unable to harvest, because there is shelling and there are flooded areas”, because the flooding of the Olimar River “is a of the most important in its history”.

Although he indicated that the harvest of rice is “in an advanced stage,” he assured that there are crops of soy “that they were in the stage close to harvest and that, logically, have a lower tolerance to flooding.”

At times where the losses caused by floods continue to be evaluated, Mattos He anticipated “a very good harvest, with very good yields” and assured that “the quality is not affected.”

Embed – Press conference – Agricultural emergency due to excess water in soils of Rocha and Treinta y Tres

Effects on livestock and infrastructure

On the other hand, Mattos referred to the impact of the climate phenomenon on the cattle raising. “We have a lot of cattle on the streets that producers have to take to routes or streets in high areas, with weight loss and health problems,” he said.

The minister indicated that “it is raining at this moment in the affected departments” and stated: “All this is a complexity that this assistance, through the Emergency Fund, can help mitigate the damage.”

On the other hand, the leader admitted damage to infrastructure after the declaration of road emergency and maintained that they will have to be evaluated once the situation is over.

The scope of the agricultural emergency

With respect to the agricultural emergency decreed by the MGAP, the affected area is 1,200,000 hectares of low areas of Rocha and Treinta y Tres. The text has a Agricultural Emergency Fund which provides financial support through non-refundable aid and subsidized loans.

In 2023, nearly $40,000,000 were allocated to credits that allowed producers to access money quickly, Mattos highlighted, recalling that during this administration it is the fifth emergency declared.

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