The National Party sows doubts about its presidential formula weeks before the internal elections

The National Party sows doubts about its presidential formula weeks before the internal elections

More than a month after internal elections from June 30, the National Party (PN) once again sowed doubts about how the presidential formula will be made up for the October general elections and on what parameters it will be based.

In the last hours, the presidential candidate Álvaro Delgadofavorite to stay with the white candidacy, was ambiguous when it came to answering whether he would form a presidential formula with Laura Raffowho according to various surveys would come in second place.

At a press conference in Saint JosephDelgado assured that the nationalist presidential formula “is not made for parametric”, but rather we would have to see “how each of the candidates and sectors vote.”

“How each sector of the party votes must be considered,” insisted the former Secretary of the Presidency. According to La Diaria, those around Delgado maintain that Raffoor another pre-candidate, should reach at least 30% to be considered in the formula.

For its part, Raffo stated this Wednesday in Paysandu that “the internal ones are so important, because it is the vote of the whites and the whites decide” and that “unity in the party” should be pursued.

“That night (June 30), of course, as a party and considering all sectors, we have to offer citizens a formula that is the most attractive so that citizens feel that we can repeat a great coalition government,” he said. about.

In addition to these pre-candidates, the nationalist internal party has three others confirmed, the Senator Jorge Gandini, Carlos Iafigliola and Roxana Corbran. In recent months, there was speculation that Delgado could be inclined to share the presidential formula with the Minister of Economy and Finance (MEF), Azucena Arbelechein case of emerging victorious in the elections.

The internal situation of the Frente Amplio “is sung”, according to Yamandú Orsi

On the other hand, the presidential candidate for the Broad Front (FA), Yamandú Orsiwho leads the polls ahead of June 30, maintained that the internal situation of his political force “is a foregone conclusion,” since both he and his main competitor, the Mayor of Montevideo, Carolina Cossethey were willing to form the electoral tandem heading to October.

In recent days, the former Canarian leader expressed at a press conference that an Orsi-Cosse or Cosse-Orsi formula “is knocking at the door of the area.” “He who loses wins, too, if he accompanies,” he concluded.

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