AK: These foods have become cheaper again

AK: These foods have become cheaper again
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According to a survey by the Chamber of Labor (AK) in March 2024, the cheapest groceries were 3.3 percent cheaper than in March 2023. A shopping basket with the 40 cheapest food and cleaning products cost an average of 75.79 euros in March 2023, compared to 73.27 euros a year later. However, prices are still higher than before the sharp rise in inflation began in 2021.

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For the comparison, the AK looked at 40 weekly food and cleaning products in seven Viennese supermarkets and discount stores (Hofer, Lidl, Penny, Spar, Billa, Billa Plus, Interspar). Of these, 23 have become cheaper year-on-year. Sunflower oil, down 28.9 percent, and cucumbers, down 21.3 percent, stand out in particular, but wheat flour (down 11.8 percent) and granulated sugar (down 13.6 percent) have also become significantly cheaper.

Four products remained at the same price level (mineral water, canned beer, mixed bread, coffee beans) and 13 products became more expensive. These include potatoes (plus 27.4 percent) and pureed tomatoes (plus 23.5 percent).

Potatoes and pasta with the highest price increases

Compared to the start of the rise in inflation in September 2021, the prices for the 40 foods observed are consistently higher. The largest increases in a two-and-a-half year comparison were recorded by potatoes with 103.0 percent and penne pasta with an increase of 89.7 percent. Wheat flour became 88.2 percent more expensive. The lowest price increases were for liquid laundry detergent (plus 2.6 percent) and dessert apples (plus 6.2 percent).

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The AK also took a close look at drugstore products and compared the prices in April 2024 with April of the previous year. The 31 cheapest drugstore products from Bipa, DM and Müller became 15.1 percent cheaper online, while they only cost 8.9 percent less in stores. In contrast, 99 branded drugstore products became 4.2 percent more expensive online at Bipa, DM, Müller, Billa and Interspar.

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