The ANP began dredging the Port of Montevideo

The ANP began dredging the Port of Montevideo

The National Ports Administration (ANP) began the dredging of the Port of Montevideowhich plans to deepen access to the port terminal by 13 to 14 meters, something that will allow the arrival of larger container ships and bulk carriers.

Last Tuesday, within the framework of the XXXI Meeting of Protagonists 2024, the president of the ANP, Jorge Curbeloconfirmed that the deepening works began on April 25, defining them as “fundamental” for the positioning of Montevideo as the distribution center of the Silver river.

The deepening tasks are being carried out with two suction dredgers owned by the ANP, in a search to enable the arrival of vessels with a greater volume of cargo.

Curbelo ensures that the Port of Montevideo “is the most competitive in the region” and at the same time has “greater connectivity”, so that exports “can go out to compete in the world in the best conditions and capture the cargo that we have as a goal, which is Paraguay, Boliviahe southern Argentina and Brazil“.

Likewise, the leader announced that work will also be done in the port area, based on a contract that was signed in 2019 with a private company, responding to a claim from the Montevideo Pilot Society.

60% of the cargo moved by the Port of Montevideo is regional

According to Curbelo, once these works are completed, “we will definitely have achieved a port in unbeatable conditions to compete with the region’s cargo.” Along these lines, he commented that 60% of the total cargo moved in Montevideo is regional, and that these countries opt for the port terminal due to its “efficiency.”

“To achieve the loyalty of this cargo, we must generate the best conditions, which include works on land and water and are decisive,” explained Curbelo, who positively valued these infrastructure works, stating that, added to greater connectivity, they will have an impact on greater flow of merchandise.

Embed – Interview with the president of the ANP, Juan Curbelo

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