9 dead and more than 50 injured after the collapse of a stage at a campaign event

9 dead and more than 50 injured after the collapse of a stage at a campaign event

A stage collapsed during a political event in Mexico and left at least 9 dead and more than 50 injured. The tragic event occurred in the town of San Pedro Garzapart of the metropolitan area of ​​the industrial city of Montereyin the state of New Lion.

The event was the closing of the campaign of the candidate Citizen movement to the mayor of San Pedro, Lorenia Canavatiwho was accompanied by the presidential candidate of Mexico Jorge Álvarez Máynez.

Tragedy in Mexico: this was the collapse of the stage

mexico collapse 2.mp4

The exact moment when the stage collapses.

Courtesy @Fredyandradea.

The moment of the accident was spread on social networks and shows the moment in which The towers that supported the temple collapse due to a gale and a giant screen falls on the stage where the candidates were.

The governor of Nuevo LeónSamuel Garcíawas the one who confirmed on the social network X (formerly Twitter) that he visited Clinic 7 and was notified of the death of “eight adults and one minor”. Regarding the collapse of the stage, García explained that “strong winds knocked down the stage“, so “he asked people to take shelter because thunderstorms and intense rain are recorded in the area.”

Meanwhile, Álvarez Máynez, 38, and his companions they managed to get to safety after running quickly. On his social networks, the third in voting intention for the June 2 elections expressed: “I’m fine and in communication with state authorities to follow up on what happened. “The only important thing right now is to care for the victims.”

The candidate also indicated that the members of his team who were injured are being treated in a hospital, while his party released a statement in which it reported that would suspend all his campaign events “in solidarity with those affected.”

mexico collapse.mp4

The stage collapsed in a surprising way.

Courtesy @Fredyandradea.

The Citizen Movement deputy, Javier González Alcántara, He spoke with local media and pointed out that rescuers evacuated the injured who were under the stage, in the middle of a large operation and confirmed that they were able to remove all the people who were under the stage, transferring the injured to hospitals.

José Juan, one of those attending the political event, narrated how the structure suddenly collapsed on the candidates and the public: “Suddenly it came down, hit me on the head and I fainted, “The rest was pure hysteria, pure panic.”

Collapse of a stage in Mexico: the message of the presidential candidates

The other candidates for the presidency of Mexico, Claudia Sheinbaum and Xóchitl Gálvez, expressed their condolences for the incident. The candidate of the left-wing ruling party and wide favorite to win the presidency, said: “I hope everything is well with the candidates attending the Citizen Movement event in Nuevo León.”

While Gálvez, the center-right opponent, expressed: “With all my heart I hope there are no serious injuries for what happened at the Citizen Movement event in Nuevo León”.

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