Refreshment for “Woody’s natural pool” in Neukirchen am Walde

Refreshment for “Woody’s natural pool” in Neukirchen am Walde
Visitors can expect a newly renovated jetty with diving platform and a wheelchair lift.

Since 2009, “Woody’s Natural Pool” in Neukirchen am Walde has attracted visitors from far away. “People come from the Innviertel and Mühlviertel because they really appreciate the natural bathing experience,” says Mayor Raphael Hofinger (VP) in an interview with the OÖN.

To ensure that the facility remains so attractive to visitors, the community invested a total of 110,000 euros in renovation before the start of the season: the diving tower and the jetty were completely renovated. In addition, a pool lift will be available to people with physical disabilities in the future.

Solar power should reduce costs

A new photovoltaic system on the pool buffet will supply the facility with solar power in the future. Although it is a natural pool, the water has to be artificially circulated and filtered. “We hope that this will help us recoup some of the operating costs – the solar power is where it is needed, especially in summer,” explains Hofinger.

Because, as in most cases, the natural pool cannot be operated to cover costs: “It’s something we can afford. There is a lot of agreement on this. The decision to renovate was made unanimously in the local council,” says Hofinger.

The community population and guests from outside would appreciate this, says the mayor: “The trend towards bathing in nature and not in an aluminum or foil pool is growing. Many people appreciate the nature experience that we can offer here.” (vaba)

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