two of the rescued Argentinian women will be repatriated

two of the rescued Argentinian women will be repatriated

As confirmed by local sources, The victims of the trafficking network were a total of 17 -fifteen Argentinian and two Mexican- and all were rescued after an important operation carried out by the Mexican authorities.

Trafficking network in Mexico: two Argentinian women will be repatriated



After the rescue, the 17 women They must testify against the gang who captured them with the deception of a job offer in luxury hotels.

Regarding the two Argentine women who will return to their country, the Mexican authorities reported that in the next few hours they will They will complete the papers and return to Argentina next week. Initially two are expected to return, although It could be four.

At the same time, Mexico confirmed that it will pay the expenses of the operation because the crime occurred there, so it is expected that in the coming days the other victims will receive the same help to be repatriated.

Trafficking network in Mexico: the case of the 17 women subjected

According to the information offered by the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Quintana Roo, the victims They were lured by false job offers in luxury hotels.

The recruiters They took advantage of the state of vulnerability with which the Argentinian women arrived to their country, linked to the lack of employment and poverty, and they made them work exhaustively in bars and restaurants.

Three Mexican men were arrested

After the procedure, three Mexican men were arrested for their probable participation. The Quintana Roo Prosecutor’s Office shared a video and images of people detained in Carmen beachwho remained in the custody of the relevant authorities.

In April, the Prosecutor’s Office rescued 27 women victims of sexual and labor exploitation in Cancún. In January, they found 25 women in the same tourist area, and drugs were discovered during an inspection in Othón P. Blanco.

Source: Ambito

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