He did what he had to do, said Raffo about Iturralde’s resignation

He did what he had to do, said Raffo about Iturralde’s resignation

The nationalist candidate highlighted the “impeccability, transparency and ethics” of the National Party and maintained that “time will tell about those chats.”

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The pre-candidate for the presidency of Uruguay for him National Party, Laura Raffo, He maintained that the now former president of the party’s Board of Directors, Pablo Iturralde, “he did what he had to do” by presenting his resignation after the scandal unleashed by some chats he exchanged with Gustavo Penades in March of last year, and that suggest political interference in the judicial system.

“He held the presidency of the honorable board of directors of the National Party, and I highlight the word honorable, because there can be no doubts or suspicions about the impeccability, transparency, ethics, of our board, therefore I believe that he made the decision he had to make,” he said. Raffo during a visit to Mello, in the middle of the electoral campaign that pits her against the former Secretary of the Presidency Alvaro Delgado.

This morning, the weekly Busqueda published some chats between Iturralde and Penadés in which the former president of the Board of Directors referred to the prosecutor. Alicia Ghione as a “friend” and talked about putting pressure on the Attorney General Juan Gomez, to obtain good results in the investigation against the former senator for crimes of abuse and exploitation of minors that had just begun.

“Time will tell about those chats, whether or not they tried to influence” Justice, he considered. Raffo, who assured that “the National Party “He reacts as we are accustomed to.”

“Correct, prudent and brave”

For its part, Alvaro Delgado He also valued positively Iturralde’s decision to resign from the presidency of the National Party, and he pointed out his actions as “correct, prudent and brave.”

During a press conference in Lavalleja, the candidate described Iturralde as “a lifelong white, a great person and member of a spectacular family! that “he was exercising the presence of the Board with great tenacity, with great dedication, with a lot of effort.”

“Obviously today some private publications that we found out about through the press come to light, and I thought the action of the president of the Board of Directors was correct, prudent and brave that this type of private and personal conversation, which does not involve the party, cannot to some extent condition the rest of the party in any type of political derivation,” considered Delgado, insisting on separating the party structure from the actions of who, until hours ago, was the highest figure of official authority; along the same lines that Raffo also did.

“I, publicly, value it especially in the framework,” concluded Delgado.

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