The reactions of the political arc to the new white controversy

The reactions of the political arc to the new white controversy

Leaders and figures from all political parties spoke about the new scandal that hits the National Party after some controversial chats became known between the now former president of the nationalist Board of Directors Pablo Iturralde and Gustavo Penadés. From “shame” to “fever” and “sadness”, the rejection of the possible political impact on Justice was widespread.

Just as the nationalist candidates Alvaro Delgado and Laura Raffo, and the broad front Yamandu Orsi They made their opinions public following the news of Iturralde’s resignation after the scandal unleashed by the publication of the March 2023 chats in which the former president of the National Party mentioned the prosecutor Alicia Ghione like a friend”; different leaders also expressed themselves on the matter.

From the white ranks, the senator Graciela Bianchi He maintained that Iturralde’s decision to step aside was “excellent” and that “we all share.” In contrast and with a very different tone, Sebastian Da Silva He said that “he flies with fever.”

“Story: the President of the Government Party took steps to appoint a friendly prosecutor in the case that accuses an important Senator in a case of Pedophilia. Fact: that prosecutor not only acted with absolute political independence, but also has preventive detention to the Former Senator accusing him of committing 22 crimes. Another fact: there are hundreds of white people breaking our backs so that he. Uruguay do not retreat into the abyss that represents the worst Broad Front. I am one of them and I am honestly flying with fever,” Da Silva wrote on his social networks.


The deputy of Colorado Party, Ope Pasquet, took the opportunity to ask for a reform of the Court: The information published today byBusca reveals that Pablo Iturralde tried to influence the determination of the prosecutor who should intervene in the case. Penadés case. It’s obvious that it was wrong. To reduce the chances of undue pressure, good institutional shielding helps. A Court Prosecutor’s Office association is more protected than a sole proprietorship,” he wrote.


Harsh criticism from the opposition

With a much harsher tone than his own, also from the Wide Front They targeted the nationalist scandal related to the Penadés case.

One of those who referred to the controversy was the senator and former candidate Mario Bergara who, as is his custom, wrote a long message on social networks: “Shame. The contempt for the institutions and the search for favors are unpresentable. No favors are done to one of the full democracies on the planet, such as the Uruguay, trying to influence the judicial system in this way. That it comes from the President of the main governing party makes it even more serious. Resignation is not enough, it is not the center of the matter. It’s not brave to give up because you’re discovered. The coexistence and tranquility of our people rest on a institutionality firm and transparent. This government permanently erodes it by trying to pressure the media, judges and prosecutors, etc. It is the task of Uruguayans to be guardians of the institutions that cost so much sacrifice to recover and consolidate,” he said.


The communist senator Oscar Andrade, Meanwhile, he limited himself to sharing an image of the chats between Iturralde and Penadés and wrote: “In my country how sad.”

Cecilia Cairo, deputy of the Frente Amplio, expressed, also citing Iturralde’s message and requested that “the situation be clarified” and then ironically that the former president of the nationalist Board of Directors “does not take up the position of advisor in Álvaro Delgado’s team”, in reference to what happened to presidential advisor Roberto Lafluf.

For its part, Alvaro Garcia, who sounds like a possible candidate for the Mayor of Montevideo in 2025, stated: “The actions of the President of the National Party that were made known through chats and audios, where it is clear that he put pressure on the prosecutor’s office in several cases. “This must have consequences.”

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