The government formalized the trust that will benefit 14,000 debtors in UR

The government formalized the trust that will benefit 14,000 debtors in UR

Mortgage loans will move from the orbit of the Mortgage Bank of Uruguay to the National Housing Agency.

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The government will benefit more than 14,000 debtors in Resettable Units (UR) of mortgage credits, through the implementation of a trust with which the Mortgage Bank of Uruguay (BHU) will transfer the loans to the National Housing Agency (ANV).

These will be added to the 10,000 already managed by the ANV, providing a solution to some 25,000 families with debt, according to the law approved in the Parliament at the end of last year for debtors who have been paying for more than 10 years.

The measure was formalized this Thursday after the signing of the agreement by the Minister of Housing and Territorial Planning, Raúl Lozano, the undersecretary Tabaré Hackenbruch; the president of the ANV, Klaus Mill; and the head of the BHU, Casilda Echevarría. “In this way, a solution is offered to more than 20,000 families covered by Law No. 20,237, said Lozano.

On May 31, the 14,000 credits will be transferred from the BHU to the ANV and on June 3 the collection management will be operational, while the escrow It must be regulated in the next 30 days. In addition, on October 17, the classification of each holder and the benefits that correspond to them will be known. Lozano considered that “a solution is provided to thousands of Uruguayans, “a milestone for the public housing system.”

The requirements for debtors and the different bands

He Executive reported the main requirements to access the benefit, among which it appears that the holder is a natural person and is up to date with the taxes national and departmental.

Other requirements are that the credit be nominated in UR; that has been granted to acquire, construct or repair a own home; that he original amount will not exceed $80,000 on the date of grant; and that the debt has been assumed before January 1, 2009.

Meanwhile, the regulations provide for three bands of beneficiaries: Those who have held loans for 40 years or more will have the debt cancelled, while those who have held loans for between 30 and 40 years will not be charged the interest rate.

Meanwhile, those who have been debtors for between 15 and 30 years will be assigned an interest rate of 2.5%. In all cases, specific conditions apply, they highlighted

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