Macarena Rubio is emerging as the new president of the National Party

Macarena Rubio is emerging as the new president of the National Party

The executive secretary of the Congress of Mayors would chair the Board of Directors of the political force as of Monday.

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The executive secretary of the Congress of Mayors, Macarena Rubiois emerging as the next president of the National Party (PN) after the scandal over the coming to light of some chats between the former senator Gustavo Penadés and the former president of the PN, Pablo Iturraldewhich led to the resignation of the latter.

The leader of the Congress of Mayors also serves as secretary of the PN Board of Directors, and would have the consensus of all nationalist sectors.

Rubio, a lawyer from the department of Floridaalso integrates the grouping of Carlos Enciso, the ambassador of Uruguay in Argentinaand would have the approval within the white ranks to occupy the position, according to what was revealed to the press.

The next session of the PN Board of Directors will take place next Monday, and Rubio will almost certainly be appointed that day, unless an extraordinary session is called.

Pablo Iturralde’s message after resigning

Through the social network Penadés case.

In it, he assures that “the news that I had some kind of impact on the appointment of the prosecutor in the case of former senator Penadés is absolutely false.”

“Throughout my political career I have defended at all levels the institutions of the Republic, the rule of law and the independence of Justice,” he continued.

On the other hand, he stated that “given the political sensitivity of the matter, I feel that it is my duty to prioritize the interest of the country and my party over any personal pretensions.”

Finally, he positively valued the “honor” of having held the presidency of the Board of Directors and thanked the militancy of the entire country for the company over the years.

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