Tutto Gas: Strong increase in Austrian tourists over Pentecost in Lignano

Tutto Gas: Strong increase in Austrian tourists over Pentecost in Lignano
Up to a total of 90,000 guests – mainly from Austria and Germany – stormed Lignano on the Whitsun weekend.

The municipality reported an increase of 24 percent compared to last year, which corresponds to an increase of 5,000 visitors. Up to 90,000 guests in total – mainly from Austria and Germany – were not deterred by bad weather forecasts and stormed Lignano on the Whitsun weekend. Despite strict police controls, there were alcohol excesses. 30 people had to be given first aid by the rescue team, 15 men were taken to hospital due to alcohol. A dozen people were reported for fighting, local media reported.

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In view of the alcohol excesses and wild parties, Mayor Laura Giorgi called on young Austrians to show “more respect” towards the city.

Security forces and dog units

“The municipality has made a strong effort to avoid excesses. We have always been friends of Austria and look forward to guests from our neighboring country. However, we hope for more respect for our city in the future. Parties must not get out of hand, because excesses damage Lignano’s reputation as a vacation spot,” said Giorgi.

Lignano had increased its security forces for the Whitsun weekend. German-speaking police officers from South Tyrol and dog units from Trento and Carinthian officers supported their colleagues on site. However, some guests in the mood to party lit smoke bombs, and arguments and riots broke out. The police had to intervene. In addition, the streets were heavily polluted with rubbish, it was said.

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According to Giorgi, the municipality worked hard to ensure that the city was clean just a few hours after the night’s celebrations ended. Medical care for people who needed treatment for alcohol-related reasons was guaranteed throughout the weekend. “However, our hospitality must not lead to disrespect. We also call on our Austrian guests to cooperate more in the future so that the party mood does not damage our city,” said the mayor.

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