Thief robbed waiter in Bad Ischl and lured him onto his own trail

Thief robbed waiter in Bad Ischl and lured him onto his own trail

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The 61-year-old Wels resident was a guest at the Spoarherd Gastropub in Bad Ischl on Thursday evening. According to the owner, Ferenc Nemeth, the man came into his restaurant at around 6 p.m., stood at the bar and drank a small beer. “The man was very nice and tried to strike up a conversation with everyone. He didn’t attract any negative attention at all,” says the 40-year-old owner.

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Welser and wallet gone

Five to seven beers later, the interior of the bar was already empty – only the 61-year-old Welser was drinking his last drink. “An employee was looking after the last guests on the terrace and I was in the kitchen,” says Nemeth. After that, neither the wallet nor the man could be found. For Nemeth, it was clear that the 61-year-old had grabbed the wallet. “Other guests have no way of seeing where our money is. The guests at the bar were mainly regulars.”

Nemeth remembered that the man said he had only come for a day trip to the cultural capital of Bad Ischl and had to take the last train. “I know that the last train leaves at 9:55 p.m. I quickly jumped into the car and drove to the train station. “It made me so angry that he was making fun of us like that.” During the confrontation at the train station, the man from Wels denied everything and immediately tried to flee. The landlord alerted the police.

Caught on the train with money in his shoes

When the car stopped in Altmünster, the man from Wels was finally stopped and checked by police. The man again denied the theft. The officers searched the suspect and found the stolen banknotes in his shoe. The thief had hidden the coins in his backpack. The wallet could no longer be found. In total, the 61-year-old had stolen more than 1,000 euros. When questioned, he finally confessed to the crime. The owner is happy that it turned out well. “I would do the same thing again. I would just leave a few minutes earlier.”

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