For Manini Ríos, the Iturralde scandal is an embarrassment for democracy

For Manini Ríos, the Iturralde scandal is an embarrassment for democracy

The leader of Cabildo Abierto considered that the event once again highlights the “politicization of justice” and asked that the political system act.

The senator and leader of Open Town Hall, Guido Manini Ríosreferred to the scandal generated by the leak of the chats between the now former president of the Board of Directors of the Pablo Iturralde National Party and Gustavo Penadés, and maintained that “the politicization of justice “It constitutes an embarrassment for Uruguayan democracy.”

Among the celebration for the assignment of the prosecutor Alicia Ghione at the head of the case against Penadés, her qualification as a “friend” and the proposal of the possibility of putting pressure on the attorney general of the Court Juan Gomez, The messages that Iturralde sent to the then white senator generated an important commotion not only in the governing party but in the entire political system.

In this regard, Manini Ríos considered that the episode “returns to raising doubts about the actions of the “Prosecution” and “it only confirms what we have been denouncing for years: the politicization of justice constitutes a embarrassment for Uruguayan democracy”. Through social networks, the senator expressed that “it is time for the political system to act.”


The opportunity for the law of prevarication

At a press conference on Thursday night, Manini Ríos had already mentioned the issue of the “politicization of justice” in the wake of the Iturralde scandal.

“In light of how the whole issue of former Senator Penadés ended, those pressures do not seem to have had much effect,” he considered, referring to the accusation of 22 sexual crimes against minors against the former senator. According to the lobbyist, what is “serious” about this case is that it “ratifies the citizen perception of the politicization of the Prosecutor’s Office”.

“We have been denouncing it for years. public opinion She is convinced that depending on who the accused is, what the issue is, the ruling will be this or that regardless of the real facts. The judicial system comes into question and is not good for the democracy. I think we are in a embarrassing stage of Uruguayan justice. It is time to regain the prestige our justice system once had. It is what this entire episode confirms, beyond the consequences it could have had (Iturralde’s pressure), which today do not seem so clear,” he said.

On this path, the only pre-candidate of Town meeting reiterated his conviction that we must “move forward” in voting on “prevaricate” bill for judges or prosecutors who intentionally violate the law, who intentionally leave a guilty person free, or an innocent person imprisoned”; a project that he presented in April 2022. “It should be considered. That those who play with the freedom of the people and the principles of law be criminally responsible for what they do,” he concluded.

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