Cruise ship releases brown liquid into Linz Danube

Cruise ship releases brown liquid into Linz Danube
Cruise ship releases brown liquid into the Danube.

The video was leaked to the “Linza Stadtmagazin”. The cruise company is accused of having released feces into the Danube. A report was received by the shipping authority on Wednesday – according to the Linz water police in response to an OÖN query. It is not yet clear what the actual liquid is.

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Shipping authority and water police investigate

According to the Linz water police, the ship, which commutes between Passau and Budapest, is currently in Passau. On its return journey, the shipping authority will inspect it together with the Linz water police and the captain will be questioned.

Since spilling any liquids into the Danube is prohibited, this is an administrative offence that will be reported by the shipping authority. It is still unclear whether this is also an environmental offence. According to the water police, this depends on the type of liquid. If an environmental offence has been committed, the Linz water police will report it to the public prosecutor’s office.

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State Environment Minister Stefan Kaineder commented on the incident on Friday afternoon: “We are taking this case very seriously. The times when the environment was polluted without consequences are definitely over. No matter what method or substance or means are used to do this. This of course also applies to faeces. Of course we will investigate this case very closely.”

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