A mix of rain, clouds and sunshine

A mix of rain, clouds and sunshine
The weather remains unstable.

The reason for this is a persistent low pressure system over the British Isles, the effects of which we are also feeling.

At least the weather is better than in France and Germany, where storms and heavy rain can also occur. A short trip to the Adriatic is not worth it at the moment, and there could also be precipitation in northern Italy. However, the forecasts are currently uncertain, admits the meteorologist.

Today, Saturday, there will be alternating sun and clouds, with the most pleasant weather expected in the central region of Upper Austria and the Innviertel. From the afternoon onwards, the probability of thunderstorms will increase, especially in the Mühlviertel and the Pyhrn-Eisenwurzen region. Maximum temperatures will be 22 degrees.

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Tomorrow, Sunday, should be similar, although a little more pleasant. A maximum of 24 degrees is possible. The sun will shine everywhere until the afternoon, before there is a chance of thunderstorms in the north and south of the state.

On Monday the wind will turn and blow from the east, and with 26 degrees it will be the warmest day of the week. But on Tuesday the cooler western weather will dominate again, and it will be windy and rainy in large parts of the country. Highs will be 20 degrees.

There are signs of improvement on Wednesday, says Riedl. There is still a chance of precipitation. But the holiday is expected to be rain-free. With plenty of sunshine, the thermometer could climb to 24 degrees.

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