in Buenos Aires they have them

in Buenos Aires they have them

With an XXL size and flavors that break traditional patterns, Hell’s Pizza is here to transport you directly to the Big Apple.

Hell’s Pizza installed in Argentina the concept of pizzas “by the slice” that is typical on the streets of New York. With an XXL size and flavors that break traditional patterns, their product arrived to transport you directly to the Big Apple.

Hand in hand with gastronomic entrepreneurs Matias Cabrera and Marcelo Boerthe brand was born in 2017 and quickly conquered the public with a different proposal: huge, thin and flexible pizzas, served by the slice and with typical North American ingredients, enjoyed in establishments inspired by the street art New York, full of graffiti, neon lights and urban music.

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With four of its own stores and 34 franchises, the brand has become a benchmark in this innovative format, which is already a favorite among young people and families with children or adolescents. Today, they plan to open 8 more franchises in the country and in some cities beyond the limits of Argentina.

Since its inception, the menu has been in charge of the renowned pizza master Danilo Ferraz, who uses quality ingredients and a slow fermentation dough with a proportion of semolina, which is cooked in a special oven to achieve the typical thin, flexible and crunchy base at the same time. In this way, she proposes a menu with nine varieties that dare to have different flavors.

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Some of the most iconic of the house are the Obama (mozzarella and pepperoni) and the Jackie Kennedy (with mozzarella, portobello mushrooms, red onion and bacon), although, according to what the local says, lately they prefer styles that have chicken: the Chick Norris, with shredded chicken, cheddar cheese, BBQ sauce and red onion; and the Buffalo Chickenwith chicken, buffalo sauce, ranch dressing and chives, which is ideal for those who prefer spicy.

Hell’s Pizza adapts to all tastes and moments. A single person can opt for one pizza per slice, couples can order the 33cm diameter format and large groups can double down and go for the 45cm diameter option.

Address: Humboldt 1654, Palermo (CABA). Other branches at https://hells-pizza.com/

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