Pedestrian fell over a steep embankment into the Inn near Wernstein

Pedestrian fell over a steep embankment into the Inn near Wernstein

The injured person was brought to the top together with mountain rescuers.

At 9:46 a.m., the Wernstein and Schärding fire departments were called to rescue a person after a pedestrian had strayed from the path while hiking and had fallen over a steep embankment, ending up in the water of the Inn. A fisherman who had noticed the accident set the rescue chain in motion.

When the fire brigade arrived at the scene of the accident, the injured person was just able to hold on to branches hanging on the embankment and thus avoid drifting into the river. The emergency services abseiled down to the completely soaked man and rescued him using ropes and rescue harnesses. The high-altitude rescue teams from Ried and Sankt Ägidi, who had also been notified, were also deployed. Two emergency boats were also on standby, but were not needed.

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“Injured but responsive”

“We were happy that we were able to get the man up this steep, wooded embankment. He was injured, but responsive and could then be handed over to the emergency services,” says Patrick Grömmer, commander of the Wernstein fire department. The Red Cross took the elderly man to a hospital in an ambulance for further treatment.

The volunteer fire departments deployed a total of two boats and eight emergency vehicles. Grömmer can only say how many firefighters were deployed in total once all of the incident reports have been completed.

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