Lacalle Pou ratified his license for 7 days despite the Iturralde scandal

Lacalle Pou ratified his license for 7 days despite the Iturralde scandal

President Luis Lacalle Pou took a leave of absence “for personal reasons” in the midst of the scandal that is shaking the National Party due to the leak of chats between the senator Gustavo Penadés and the former president of the political space, Pablo Iturralde.

Lacalle Pou had formally requested the rest at the beginning of April and it is expected to last from this Saturday until Friday the 31st, due to a trip abroad. However, the ratification of the license becomes relevant because it occurs in the midst of the intersections between the Wide Front and the ruling party for the controversial Iturralde chats.

The president had already requested leave to travel between Tuesday the 30th of last month and last Monday the 6th, so he will be absent from the Presidency in total for 14 days. The previous request had been given in September 2022, when he traveled to Costa Rica, not counting the last break at the beginning of the year in Punta del Este.

Precisely due to the absence of the head of state, who this Saturday led the event for the 130th anniversary of Creole society Dr. Elías Regules She was the acting president, Beatriz Argimón.

The license is given in the midst of the scandal over Iturralde in the National Party

The curious thing is that Lacalle Pou ratified his license after the Iturralde scandal and after having broken his silence on the issue and pointed out that “if there is something that there was not, it is pressure on the prosecutors”, in line with other leaders of the National Party.

The fiscal Alicia Ghione “failed contrary to what they were supposedly pushing for” in the case Penades, argued the president, who described Iturralde as “a great person and a great militant,” about which he added: “That he made a mistake in a private conversation is something else.”

In addition, the head of state questioned the “differential treatment” of Prosecutor’s Office about some files. “There are causes that go at 180 kilometers per hour and others either don’t go or are still,” she questioned.

These statements were harshly criticized by the Broad Front. The precandidate Yamandu Orsi He assured that “if there was no pressure before, now there is” against the Prosecutor’s Office and maintained that “nothing less than from him,” referring to the president.

“How are you going to say that the Prosecutor’s Office acts quickly in some cases and slowly in others?” he asked himself and added: “I never thought that a president could say that. I never expected it. “All doubts are cleared,” he added.

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