The Rural Federation accused of a brutal exchange rate delay in Uruguay

The Rural Federation accused of a brutal exchange rate delay in Uruguay

The Rural Federation (FR) held its annual congress where they communicated some conclusions in relation to the agricultural sector, among which are the exchange rate delay, the floods that affected agriculture, and rural roads. the operation Minerva-Marfrig and the National Irrigation Plan.

One of the most influential associations in agriculture in the country held its annual congress where they presented a final document communicating all the concerns and progress that they believe to be considerable in the agricultural sector. Among them, the exchange delay was one of the main topics.

First, they highlighted the good things about the economic system. “We consider the reduction in inflation achieved to be very important, an objective that we must maintain. We also agree on the free floating of the dollar,” the statement states.

“However, the brutal exchange rate delay must be recognized, which critically and decisively affects the competitiveness of the productive and export sectors. It is essential that the tax burden be compensated with specific fiscal relief, as a way to alleviate what this erosive situation implies. “adds the letter.

In that sense, they stressed that the agricultural sector is key to the economy and has always been a lifeline in times of crisis. “Primary production is unable to transfer its impact to other links in the production chains. The sector has proven to be supportive in the crises experienced in this five-year period, we ask to be considered in this exceptional situation,” the statement highlights.

Worrying floods and deteriorated roads

On the other hand, they could not ignore the consequences that inclement weather has had on the fields. “When we have not yet finished solving the consequences of a drought historic, we are critically faced with historic floods. We stand in solidarity with all the victims, especially with the producers of the region,” the letter laments.

In that sense, they also highlighted the worrying situation that the rural roads which, undoubtedly, affect agricultural production. “Although we celebrate the decree that approves the National Road Emergency, the problem is structural and long-standing, independent of the latest climatic adversities,” the statement indicates.

With this, they criticized that this situation has not been solved by any of the municipalities. “The majority of the departmental authorities have never managed to resolve it,” they say and added: “The free movement of goods and people is a constitutional right that cannot be subdued by enlightened municipal decrees.”

Irrigation and Codaprec

On other points, the FR questioned the lack of progress in the realization of the National Irrigation Plan. In that sense, they again demanded their materialization since the federation considers them a strategic stimulus for the productive development of the Uruguay.

On the other hand, they celebrated the decision of the Commission for the Promotion and Defense of Competition (Coprodec) not authorizing the operation Minerva-Marfrig. “We congratulate the Codaprec report and the agile support for it from the Executive Branch, rejecting the concentration of the refrigeration industry. We also highlight, and congratulate, the rapid and forceful action of our unions,” the letter states.

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