Fernando Mattos will travel to Asia in search of new markets

Fernando Mattos will travel to Asia in search of new markets

The Minister of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries will begin his mission in Southeast Asia after participating in the OMSA elections in France.

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He Minister of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries (MGAP), Fernando Mattosfinalizes the details of his tour of Southeast Asia, where he will lead the official mission of the government portfolio that will seek the opening of new markets in China, Malaysia and Indonesia.

On Friday, Mattos left for Paris to participate in the election of the new president of the World Organization for Animal Health (WHO)based in Francein which Uruguay supports the Argentine’s candidacy Luis Barcoswho met in Montevideo with the head of the MGAP and some Uruguayan producers’ unions last April.

After this instance, on May 29 Mattos will fly to China to attend the SIAL international fair in Shanghai, with the aim of promoting Uruguayan tripe, a meat product recently enabled by the Asian giant. This approval established Uruguay as the first country free of foot and mouth disease with vaccination to access this market, and the third globally.

According to data from National Meat Institute (INAC), this product could increase meat sales to China by about 40 million dollars in favor of Uruguayan coffers. On May 31, together with authorities from INAC itself, Mattos will carry out a special promotion of fresh Uruguayan meat in the capital Beijing and will hold a meeting with authorities from the National Seed Trade Association of China.

Mattos’ agenda for Southeast Asia

On June 1, he will be present at the “Green quality, meet treasure” event organized by INAC, and then continue his tour of other Southeast Asian countries.

In that sense, on June 3 he will meet with the Indonesian Agriculture Minister Amran Sulaimanto sign a memorandum of understanding and cooperation, with the goal of opening that market for products such as beef, citrus fruits and dairy products.

On June 5, he will leave for Malaysia to hold a meeting with the authorities of this country, including Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Rural and Regional Development, in a search to obtain authorizations for the entry of beef and sheep into that market. The return to Uruguay It will take place on June 7.

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