Food security: “We are responsible today for the bread rolls of tomorrow”

Food security: “We are responsible today for the bread rolls of tomorrow”

Growing grain requires fertile soil.

Natural resources are being treated too carelessly, said Stefan Kaineder (Greens), State Minister for the Environment and Climate, at today’s press conference. In Upper Austria, almost 400 square meters are already sealed per person and – depending on the calculation – 0.8 to 4.25 hectares are added every day.

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There are currently around 11,000 hectares of building land reserves in the state. These are the areas that have already been designated as building land but are still undeveloped and are roughly the same size as the built-up area of ​​Vienna. Despite this, land conversions are still taking place. In the long term, this endangers food security because no food can be grown on sealed areas. “Once there is a parking lot there, we cannot get the land back,” says Kaineder.

Ecology and economy in harmony

“We have to think about future food security today. We are responsible today for the rolls of tomorrow,” says Vice Chancellor Werner Kogler. To ensure this security, the economy must be organized in harmony with nature. The example of the Brodsüchtig bakery based in Steyregg shows how this can work. The owners and co-founders Oliver Raferzeder and Stefan Faschinger have been producing purely organically since they started eight years ago and source their raw materials from regional suppliers. They are also economically successful: “People are becoming more aware of the issue and are paying more attention to where their food comes from,” says Faschinger. A lack of staff is also not an issue. “We are fully staffed and even have to turn away potential employees,” says Faschinger.

“Soil protection is environmental protection”

Aside from pure production areas, the undeveloped areas are also relevant for the climate. They store CO2 and absorb water, which reduces the number of floods.

Protecting the soil of their suppliers is therefore also important to the founders of Brotsüchtig, as part of their job. “The radius in which we source our resources is very small. However, if there are outages due to periods of heat, for example, we have to expand this radius and eventually resort to imported goods,” says Raferzeder. “Without healthy fields, the bakery will soon be closed,” says Kogler.

EU Renaturation Act

According to Kogler, an important step is the “Nature Restoration Law”, the European Union’s renaturation law. This plan envisages that more forests will be reforested, moorlands will be rewetted and rivers will be returned to their natural state.

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Kaineder also sees it as a “setback” if the law is not passed. In this context, it is also a question of species protection if undeveloped green and agricultural areas are sealed. As a result, insects and bees become fewer and can no longer fulfill their role in the ecosystem. “Will a business official then hop from branch to branch with a pollination stick?” asks Kogler.

Negative examples in Upper Austria

When discussing land use, the current example of “Ohlsdorf” inevitably comes up. After 19 hectares of forest were cleared there to build a logistics center, the requirement is to reforest one and a half times as much area to compensate. However, according to State Environment Minister Kaineder, this is not optimal from an ecological point of view because the new trees are planted on meadows and fields.

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