25 percent fewer road deaths in Austria compared to 2023

25 percent fewer road deaths in Austria compared to 2023
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Nevertheless, the automobile club is warning, because Corpus Christi is a long weekend ahead, which is unfortunately repeatedly overshadowed by serious accidents, it said in a press release on Tuesday. ÖAMTC traffic engineer David Nosé called for caution and mutual consideration. “Over the past ten years, a total of 67 people died in traffic accidents on Corpus Christi weekends in Austria, and more than 5,000 were injured,” said Nosé, citing data from Statistics Austria.

According to the ÖAMTC, 40 percent of fatal car accidents this year were head-on collisions – mostly due to carelessness or distraction. Nosé stated: “We see that these numbers are not decreasing sustainably. Driver assistance systems, such as the emergency lane departure warning system, have the potential to provide a remedy. This will be mandatory in all newly registered cars from July 2024.”

This year’s season has already started for most bikers – unfortunately, this can already be seen from the statistics: so far, 13 motorcyclists have died in traffic accidents.

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