raw milk from infected cows can transmit the virus

raw milk from infected cows can transmit the virus

The bird flu continues to generate concern after the cases detected in United States and Australia. Now, they discovered that Consumption of raw milk from cows infected with the virus can transmit the disease.

The investigation was carried out by a group of experts from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, who detected what would be a new means of spread of the virus. The bird flu It is a bird disease that has a risk factor for infection for humans; it can be spread between mammals exposed to the virus.

What the research on bird flu revealed

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The bird flu finding raises concerns about the spread of the disease.

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The tests carried out by the researchers were carried out in the Texas A&M Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory and determined that the infection was systematic. In that sense, it was discovered that the virus can be present in raw milk for “several weeks“, still remaining in the refrigerator.

This was confirmed when they tested it on rodents, who were made to drink 50 microliters of the milk. The next day They showed symptoms and managed to survive three days.

Avian flu: US and European countries analyze applying a vaccine

Due to the cases that have been detected in the United States – one in Texas and another in Michigan – and the one that was confirmed in Australia, the North American country and Europe are already taking measures to acquire or manufacture vaccines against avian influenza.

The inoculations would be aimed at protecting the poultry and dairy farm workers, veterinarians and laboratory technicians. This would be a measure to stop the potential pandemic threataccording to experts.

In this context, the US authorities have announced the CSL Seqirus bulk vaccine mobilizationwhile European authorities are in talks to obtain the CSL pre-pandemic vaccine. Canada is also in search of a vaccine, so they have already discussed with the producer of its seasonal flu vaccines, GSKon the manufacture of an inoculation against avian flu.

According to Stefan De Keersmaeckerspokesperson for the Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Authority of the European Commission, are working on the joint acquisition of the CSL Seqirus vaccine to protect people exposed to infected animals.

Furthermore, scientists from University College London point out that the deployment of vaccines in risk groups can stop the spread of the virus. CSL contracts for pandemic flu vaccine reach 30 governments.

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