A singer married a ghost, separated due to infidelity and adopted a demonized clown

A singer married a ghost, separated due to infidelity and adopted a demonized clown

The artist is known as Brocade, who married the ghost of a Victorian soldier. She was separated by deception and adopted a possessed clown.

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An unusual case took place in United Kingdom. The singer’s story Brocade became relevant after it became known that She married a ghost, separated due to infidelity and now adopted a demonic clown.

It all started in 2022, when the artist married a Victorian soldier named Edwardo. However, the love story was short-lived, as the woman accused her ghost of having deceived her and separated from her. Now, she became close to a clown who claims “it’s posessed“.

The story of the singer who married a ghost in the United Kingdom

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The British artist claims that she felt a

The British artist says she felt a “special connection” with the clown.

The 40-year-old singer married Edwardo in a ceremony that was recorded and shared on the official Instagram account and on her YouTube channel. Some time later, they separated and Brocade said that “Edwardo little by little revealed to me more about himself“.

The artist from Oxfordshire She was married to the ghost of the Victorian soldier for several months. However, shortly after turning one year old, she decided to separate from her. After this, Brocade assured that Edwardo came to harass her and stated that he did not withdraw from her life permanently.

In dialogue with New York Post, The woman said that ““His presence has been very manageable these days and I only see him from time to time.”

United Kingdom: the singer’s story with the demonized clown

After his story with the ghost, Brocade moved to the “Clown Motel“, in Snowfall, USA, to record some episodes for a pilot of a paranormal program. There, she met a clown with whom she felt a connection. “special connection“.

The woman explained what the relationship between the clown and the ghost is like and revealed that the latter “does not like” her presence. Finally, she clarified that she has no intentions of marrying the clown: “He (Edwardo) You have nothing to worry about, since I have no intention of marrying a clown ghost, although that would be fun.. The clown is here for research purposes only and I definitely don’t need to get into a paranormal love triangle“.

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