UTE recorded a profit of US$154M in the first quarter

UTE recorded a profit of US$154M in the first quarter

UTE recorded profits of 150 million dollars in the first quarter of the year, reaching more than triple that of the same period in 2023, because it did not have to buy fuel for the operation of thermal power plants or import energy from Brazil, as happened during the drought.

The data was confirmed by the president of the UTE, Silvia Emaldi, who highlighted the energy efficiency that allows progress with the exports and detailed that sales to Argentina and Brazil They have reached about 25 million dollars to date.

When referring to the generation of electricity, Emaldi stated that it was basically produced from renewable sources. Specifically, 49% came from the dams; 33% was wind; 13% of biomass; the 1%, thermal; and the rest, solar.

The investment plan for the remainder of the year

Regarding the plan investments To improve the service, the leader specified that the state company will allocate 260 million dollars to different projects during 2024, including the construction of photovoltaic solar parks.

Added to this will be the increase in the transmission and distribution networks of electric power in the north of the country, which will allow the national system to include a double ring of coverage.

On the other hand, the plan will make it possible for the service to cover all rural households. “In a few days, the photovoltaic kit number 700,” Emaldi anticipated and added that UTE connected some 2,000 families to the electrical grid and regularized the situation of 12,000 homes in a critical context, through the Social Inclusion Plan.

Embed – Interview with the president of UTE, Silvia Emaldi

Until when does the equipment purchase bonus apply?

Regarding programs to benefit customers of UTE, Emaldi valued the Plan 2024which offers a bonus of 2,024 pesos more VAT to users who buy efficient appliances.

In the case of chargers electric vehicles and heat pump heaters, the discount is 4,048 pesos, the leader pointed out, while recalling that the aid will be valid until June 14.

Finally, he noted that some 6,000 clients signed up to join the More Air plan and said that UTE plans to deliver about 3,000 plugs to homes with a simple residential rate, which will be installed for air conditioners, so that users will have access to a 45% discount on consumption during holidays and weekends.

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