Ruralistas ask for fiscal relief to compensate for the exchange rate delay

Ruralistas ask for fiscal relief to compensate for the exchange rate delay

The Rural Federation (FR) launched a series of proposals to the presidential candidates to combat the exchange delay, among which stand out the request for “tax relief specific”, as well as the free import of fuel.

From the FR they called to “conserve the important achievement” that represents the reduction of the inflation and maintain the free floating of the dollar, but they demanded “to recognize the negative impact of the exchange rate delay on the competitiveness of the productive sectors”, according to the document to which he had access Ambit.

As compensation, the ruralistas asked for “specific fiscal relief” to mitigate the burden implied by the exchange delay in the primary production, arguing that “they do not have the capacity to transfer the impact to other links in the production chains.”

In addition, they called for “improving the capacity to cushion the effects on the exchange rate in the face of dollar inflows that distort the market at certain times” and considered it “absolutely essential” to improve the efficiency of the State to end the structural fiscal deficit.

A request about taxes

With respect to National Taxes, They asked to review those “blind” ones, as they described the taxes to the land “that are not linked to the productivity of the same”, considering “the tax burden with this type of taxes excessive, which are a significant burden in complex situations.”

In parallel, they requested incorporation into COMAP of IMEBA tax producers, as well as the elimination of the urban ticket subsidy incorporated into the price of the gasoil”.

On the other hand, they asked for the elimination of 1% municipal. “It is an unfair, arbitrary tax, directed at a single item, extremely bureaucratic, used to block producers and has a significant impact on production,” they argued.

At the same time, they referred to the real estate contribution and they pointed out that “the adjustment mechanisms of this tax have generated excessive growth in this tax,” which is why they called for “generating a reasonable adjustment mechanism to the vagaries of economic reality.”

Contributions from the Rural Federation for the new government period 2025-2030.pdf

Improve infrastructure and free up fuel imports

Among the claims of the Rural Federation the request appears to “advance in the free importation of fuels and in the liberalization of the marketing and distribution of fuels.”

The ruralistas also referred to the cost of energy. “An energy policy must be generated so that prices are similar to those of the countries with which we compete in the markets,” they maintained.

Meanwhile, they asked to “continue the development of the infrastructure started in the current government period and deepen the development of the waterway with Brazil”, while they urged “to generate alternatives that improve the competitiveness and cost of the Port of Montevideo”.

Negotiations outside Mercosur

Another of the RF’s proposals to mitigate the effects of the exchange rate delay is linked to international insertion. In this regard, they highlighted the importance of “moving forward in negotiations with other blocks or countries independently of the Mercosur”.

“It requires more aggressiveness by the State to open new markets, facilitate access to existing markets, reduce duty with existing markets and unblock markets that impose para-tariff barriers,” they added.

For this, the FR requested “a Ministry of Foreign Affairs with a strong commercial profile”, as well as a joint work of Uruguay XXI with the rest of the State and the private sector “to impose exportable products on the international market”, as well as “greater leadership” of the Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries in consideration of environmental and food safety regulations.

Source: Ambito

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