Peru analyzes charging a tax on digital platforms: how much does it expect to collect

Peru analyzes charging a tax on digital platforms: how much does it expect to collect

Peru seeks to collect a tax at digital platforms of the outside with which he estimates to raise some US$267 million dollars annuallysaid Wednesday the Minister of Economy, José Arista, as part of a series of measures to reactivate the economy.

The measure was raised before a legislative commission of the Congress, where Arista went, the Prime Minister Gustavo Adriazén and other officials to support the Executive’s request to Parliament to obtain powers to legislate economic and national security measures for 90 days.

Not to mention digital providers from abroad, such as Netflix, Amazon and others like online betting, Arista stated that it seeks to collect the current General Sales Tax (IGV) of 18% from those who provide streaming services. “Today the consumer is in the country, but the supplier outside is ubiquitous,” he said.

The Government of Peru asked Congress for powers to legislate on the economy

The minister In this regard, he requested authorization from Congress. to collect this tax through the national banking system, a rate that would not reflect “much” on the final consumer as has been seen – he said – in other countries in the region.

“Approximately 600 million soles would be collected through IGV on digital platforms in its first year of application, and we hope that we could reach up to 1,000 million soles per year (267 million dollars),” he said.

The request of Government to have powers to legislate on the economy, which also includes measures to encourage investmentwill be debated by the Congress in the coming days.

Peru, the world’s third largest producer of copper, expects economic growth of at least 3.0% this yearan important recovery after suffering a recession last year with a fall of 0.6%, according to official estimates.

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