Fuel prices should fall in June, according to Ursea report

Fuel prices should fall in June, according to Ursea report

The report reflected that the value of gasoline should fall by around 2.6%, while that of diesel could fall by 6.47%.

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The price of the fuels should decrease in June, as suggested by the international situation, according to the report Import Parity Prices (PPI) prepared monthly by the Ursea.

After last month’s adjustment, the current survey indicates that the naphtha could reduce its value by about 2.6%, while the gasoil could drop 6.47% and the supergas should also fall to 5.43%.

In this way, the PPI of gasoline Premium 97 is 67.84 pesos, with a decrease of 2.59%, while that of the Super 95 It is 65.36 pesos, a decrease of 2.61. While the diesel 50S It would be worth 40.02 pesos and the 10S 40.06 pesos. Meanwhile, supergas would go to 25.98 pesos.

It is worth remembering that the market price, which will determine in the coming days the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining (MIEM), is far from the PPI. In fact, the maximum retail price of gasoline is 78.04 pesos and that of diesel is 53.92 pesos, while that of supergas is 80.75 pesos per kilo.

The price of oil is on the rise

The price of Petroleum rose this Tuesday, due to the expectation generated by the next meeting of the OPEC+, which will be on June 2, in addition to the start of the summer travel season in USA and the weakness of dollar.

The futures of Brent for delivery in July, the reference crude oil for Uruguayan market, They rose 1.12 dollars, or 1.4%, to 84.22 dollars a barrel, so traders and analysts expect that the voluntary production cuts of 2.2 million barrels will be maintained at the OPEC+ meeting. diaries.

“This week’s bullish follow-through has been facilitated by a significant weakening of the dollar and a growing consensus that OPEC+ will extend production cuts at next weekend’s meeting,” he said. Jim Ritterbusch by Ritterbusch and Associates.

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