Focused control in Linz: 47 young people checked, more than 30 reports

Focused control in Linz: 47 young people checked, more than 30 reports
Police checks

In the Linz city area, especially in areas where it is known that there are frequent problems with young people, there were increased controls yesterday.

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Twelve people, four of them teenagers, had drugs on them – marijuana, and small amounts of cocaine and heroin were found. Officers from the task force for combating juvenile delinquency found tobacco products or alcoholic beverages on 13 under-18s, which they are not yet allowed to consume.

One of those checked violated an official weapons ban imposed on him, another had brass knuckles with him, a prohibited weapon.

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A minor was reported for disturbing public order – “that happens when, for example, someone shouts or insults people,” says police spokesman Michael Babl. Two others violated the anti-face covering law, presumably by wearing a burka. There were also two reports for violations of decency. “This includes any behavior that grossly violates common decency. This is not yet a disturbance of public order, but something that one should not do.”

Two of the 47 under-18s checked were reported missing and were returned to their legal guardians.

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