La colorada’s list sparks controversy

La colorada’s list sparks controversy

It happened that social networks soon echoed a situation that also generated noise in the Electoral Board: the ballot for list 919 led by the former vice chancellor showed her name in a font larger than that of her surname and on the colors red, blue and white, traditionally associated with the Frente Amplio (FA).

Many users saw behind this design a trick for voters since the ballot was not accompanied by any image and could lead to confusion with another presidential candidate, the FrenteAmplista. Carolina Cosse.

Carolina Ache ballot error.jpg

“The ‘controversy’ list has the same colors as the most voted lists in the Colorado Party in past elections and the version that circulated was not the definitive one,” Ache reacted on his Twitter account, in reference to the Vamos Uruguay group, founded by Pedro Bordaberry.

Carolina Ache ballot.jpg

“It is the first list in the history of the Colorado Party with a woman as a candidate. “It would seem that this went unnoticed,” continued the candidate, who asked “those who attack on the networks” to worry “about her internal affairs and not about trying to appropriate the use of a name.”

In her publication, the Colorado presidential candidate showed the correct list, where you can see a photo of her accompanying the header.

Source: Ambito

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