I’m not going to get distracted

I’m not going to get distracted

The pre-candidate for Frente Amplio, Carolina Cosseresponded to the former vice president’s question, Lucia Topolansky, about its electoral projection within the Uruguay and assured that he has more important matters to worry about and called for unity within the party.

It is not the first time that Topolansky and even her husband, former president José Mujica, have questioned Cosse’s political arrival. In response to the former vice president’s latest statements and at a press conference, after participating in the event of the Association of Marketing Managers (ADM), The former mayor of Montevideo referred to the unity of the party and responded, without naming Topolansky, that there are more important issues to focus on.

“The problems that exist mental health , for which we have proposed concrete solutions; the precariousness of work ; the serious situation of gender based violence ; the cruelty of the crimes, I collect all of that in the campaign throughout Uruguay and at the same time I collect enormous enthusiasm from the militants,” Cosse listed.

In that sense, he stressed the importance of the Frente Amplistas remaining united during the campaign. “We have to change this. From the anguish of living through situations of this type, people say ‘I have to change this’. That is why it is so important that the Frente Amplistas are united, not because we are a friends club but because we are a project party and the important thing is the project”

On the other hand, she reinforced the idea that the pre-candidates will rally behind the winner of the internal elections, whether she, Yamandu Orsi either Andres Lima. “The Frente Amplistas are like that, we are mature militants who put the problem first and not the individual,” he said and added: “I’m not going to get distracted.”

Topolansky’s questioning

The leader of the Popular Participation Movement (MPP) showed his support for the pre-candidacy of former mayor of Canelones, Yamandú Orsiand criticized cosse for carrying out a “Montevidian-style” style of politics during an interview on Universal radio.

Topolansky claims to have no “certainty” that if cosse The internal Broad Front can defeat the parties of the current government alliance in a potential runoff in the month of November.

“The country does not end in Saint Lucia Riverthe country goes there, until San Javieruntil Javier de Vianauntil Pirarajáuntil Laurelsthere is a lot in this territory, it is very diverse,” Topolansky pointed out in reference to the political “modes” of cosse.

Mujica also doubts Cosse

In mid-February, the former president questioned the possibility of Cosse winning the elections if she came first in the internal elections. Support from Mujica to Yamandu Orsi is not new, not only because both integrate the same political space within the Broad Front, he Popular Participation Movement (MPP)but because he has already stated it this way on several occasions.

Now, the former president considered that the victory of Orsi in June is the only thing that can lead to an eventual victory in October, against, possibly, the Herrerismo as the predominant sector of the National Party -and Alvaro Delgado as the leader who is best suited to occupy that position, according to surveys.

“Cosse is great but she doesn’t beat the whites because they don’t support her internally, and we lost the (2019) elections internally,” he said, when asked if Carolina Cosse, the former mayor of Montevideo and also a Frente Amplista candidate, could not be an option against the government coalition.

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