Deputy Elsa Capillera suffered a traffic accident and is hospitalized in Tacuarembó

Deputy Elsa Capillera suffered a traffic accident and is hospitalized in Tacuarembó

The legislator was elected by Cabildo Abierto, but currently supports the presidential pre-candidacy of Andrés Ojeda, in the Colorado Party.

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The representative for Montevideo Elsa Capillera suffered a traffic accident after the car in which he was traveling suffered a mistake at the roundabout at kilometer 250 of Route 5, at the entrance to the city of Bull PassDepartment of Tacuarembó.

The legislator remains hospitalized at the “Dr. Ruben Curi” hospital in Paso de los Toros for these hours, after being diagnosed with “moderate polytrauma” and “possible rib fracture.” From the health center, she is now coordinating her transfer to Montevideo, according to Subrayado.

Also inside the vehicle were the 54-year-old driver, who emerged unharmed from the road accident, as well as a 57-year-old woman and a 68-year-old man, who had minor injuries.

Capillera, who was elected as a legislator by Open Town Hall (CA) in the 2019 elections, he left that political force in February 2024 to join the Colorado Party (PC) in support of the presidential candidacy of Andres Ojeda.

The departure of Elsa Capillera with the Open Town Hall

CA experienced a busy start to the campaign after the departure of two deputies, Ines Monzillosubstitute legislator who joined the National Party (PN) to support the presidential pre-candidacy of the former Secretary of the Presidency, Álvaro Delgado, and of the deputy Capillera herself, who left for the red ranks.

Both lobbying figures had previously expressed their differences with the leadership of the senator and leader of CA, Guido Manini Ríos. “He gives a position to people who you don’t know where they come from,” Capillera shot at that moment.

After the departure of both deputies, the senator and then president of the party, Guillermo Domenechtried to downplay the importance of the matter, preferring not to talk about Capillera and ensuring that Monzillo was “a figure that has no political significance.”

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