Álvaro Delgado expressed his concern about the campaign climate and fake news

Álvaro Delgado expressed his concern about the campaign climate and fake news

The former Secretary of the Presidency and presidential candidate for the National Party (PN), Álvaro Delgadoshowed his concern about the current “climate” of the electoral campaign and the emergence of fake news, ensuring that some opposition political spaces resort to “the smoke machine.”

It’s Wednesday, touring the department Paysanduthe leader of voting intentions in the white party explained in a press conference that his political space will be referred to the “focus” of the campaign: his government proposal.

“Sometimes I am very concerned about the climate of the campaigns, and the complaints, which are later false complaints, and Prosecutor’s Office files that appear in the media and that appear publicly accessible. I am a little worried about this climate of campaign,” acknowledged the nationalist presidential candidate.

“Our campaign is smoke-free”

According to Slimhe Broad Front (FA) He cannot argue against “reality” the employment and investment figures, so due to the “lack of arguments” he resorts to this type of “situations” and “the smoke machine.”

“Our campaign is smoke-free, and it is very clear that we do not add mud to mud, nor do we add gasoline to fire, our discussions are about proposals,” he insisted.

In turn, the white politician closed the scandal of the chats between the former senator Gustavo Penadés and the former president of the PN Board of Directors, Pablo Iturraldewhich ended with the resignation of the latter.

“It is a personal issue that I do not share, private. He had the sensitivity to resign and for us it is closed, that is the truth,” he said in this regard.

In another order, and after the recent identification of the skeletal remains of the former militant of the Communist Party of Uruguay (PCU), Amelia Sanjurjo, Slim He confirmed that if he comes to power, his eventual government will continue with the excavations in search of those who disappeared during the dictatorship.

Source: Ambito

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