Donald Trump analyzes hiring Elon Musk as an advisor if he wins the US elections

Donald Trump analyzes hiring Elon Musk as an advisor if he wins the US elections

donald trump considers hiring billionaire Elon Musk as political advisor if you win the US elections November and returns to the White House. The Wall Street Journal newspaper announced this Wednesday the possible arrival of Musk, who runs the social media platform

Musk, who runs the social media platform X, as well as SpaceX and tesla, He has spoken to the newspaper about how it could influence economic and border security policies. The WSJ also said that Musk informed trump about his campaign influence ongoing campaign aimed at convincing powerful American business leaders not to support the Democratic president Joe Biden, who defeated him in the 2020 elections and is seeking a second term.

Those conversations, which included billionaire investor Nelson Peltz, also included discussions on funding a “data-driven project to prevent voter fraud”the outlet said, adding that no further details were known.

Elon Musk


Donald Trump considers hiring Elon Musk as an advisor

The representatives of trump and Musk They did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Representatives from Biden’s campaign also did not immediately respond.

Trump campaign spokesman Brian Hughes told The Wall Street Journal that only the Republican candidate will decide “what role an individual plays in his presidency.” The newspaper detailed that Musk did not respond to requests for comment.

In March, after a meeting with Trump in Florida, Musk – one of the richest people in the world – said he would not donate money to him or to Biden. Instead, intends to “use his influence (…) to help defeat Biden by galvanizing the support of influential allies,” the newspaper said, citing a person familiar with his ideas.

In recent years, Musk has moved closer to the Republican Party. The billionaire has said, without evidence, that Biden is intentionally allowing migrants to cross the US-Mexico border, and has endorsed anti-Semitic comments on X, although he has denied being so.

Although has publicly criticized Biden’s policies on immigration, electric vehicles and tariffs, Musk has not announced any formal endorsement of anyone in the November race and Trump has said he did not know if he had the billionaire’s support.


Donald Trump and Elon Musk, from the bloody public fight to a possible political link

It should be remembered that in 2022 Both had a bloody public fight which included a recommendation from the owner of Tesla and SpaceX to Trump to join “retire from politics.” The magnate responded in harsh terms, recalling an alleged visit by the billionaire to the White House to ask subsidies.

I don’t hate the man, but it’s time for Trump to hang up his hat and sail off into the sunset. “The Democrats should also cancel the attack, not make Trump’s only way to survive is to regain the presidency,” Musk shot at that time, who at that time was defending the presidential nomination for the Republican Party of Ron DeSantis, a former rival of the former president.

Furthermore, the head of SpaceX and Tesla summarized the Trump administration (2017-2021) as a time when There was “a lot of drama.”

The former president of USA It didn’t take long and he responded to the businessman from Social Truth, the network he created after being expelled from the little bird platform. Journalists from Bloomberg They shared the capture of the social network of trump in Twitter.

When Elon Musk came to the White House asking me for help on several of his many subsidized projectswere electric cars that don’t go very far, driverless cars that crash or rockets that don’t go anywherewith subsidies without which he would be worthless, and telling me how much of a trump fan and republican he was. “I could have told him ‘get on your knees and beg,’ and he would have done it,” she said.

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