Remedial hours cut: Education Minister assures schools of support

Remedial hours cut: Education Minister assures schools of support
The costs for schools are increasing, but the support hours are being reduced.

Upper Austria’s compulsory schools are facing a reduction in the number of support hours for the coming school year. As reported, more than 2,100 teaching units will be cut for the whole of Upper Austria. The Education Directorate cites two expired federal subsidies as the reason for the cut. Education Minister Martin Polaschek (VP) reacted to the OÖN report and assured support.

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Specifically, the following funding will be cut for the coming school year: that for the integration of the more than 1,200 Ukrainian children who have fled to Upper Austria and the additional support as a result of the corona pandemic. The school principals reacted to the cuts with incomprehension and anger. The teachers’ union wrote an open letter to the Upper Austria Education Directorate. However, according to Herwig Kerschbaumer, office manager of Education Director Alfred Klampfer, the latter’s hands are tied.

“Currently working on a solution”

Kerschbaumer told the OÖN that the cuts were a “large chunk” of support hours that schools will be missing in the future. Education Minister Polaschek is now trying to calm the situation: “We are currently working on a solution to support schools based on the latest figures, including those on family reunification.”

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