The tender for the Carmelo casino hotel is postponed because no offers were submitted

The tender for the Carmelo casino hotel is postponed because no offers were submitted

The period was until the 15th of this month, but no company bought the bidding document or bid so far.

He Ministry of Tourism had to extend the entire bidding process for the new casino hotel in Carmel because there was no company interested in purchasing the specifications to participate nor was there any offer presented to participate in the project.

The property belongs to Ministry of Tourism and with the department they decided to launch last year a tender for the facilities to be renewed. Until three years ago, the hotel had a concession that ended and left it in a dilapidated state for its activation.

However, to the surprise of the portfolio, there was no company or investor interested in participating in the tender so that no one bought the specifications to participate in it, nor were there any offers so far. Those interested had until the 15th of this month and that is why from the Ministry of Tourism They decided to extend it until September 2.

What is the project?

He claims that the private investors present a project that includes a hotel with a convention room for 500 people, an event and show hall, a restaurant with international and local cuisine, a heated swimming pool, more than 100 rooms and a 200-meter dock for tourists to arrive in small boats, yachts. and sailboats next to the former Hotel Casino Carmelo, after its reconstruction and renovation.

In addition, a license to operate a private casino, an incentive to achieve the presentation of these projects. Meanwhile, the conditions that established the investment for the property were 14,020,078 Indexed Units (UI).

“It is a very ambitious project, for which we hope that many investors will present themselves with various proposals,” said the Undersecretary of Tourism, Remo Monzeglio at the time. Furthermore, he stressed that the work would foster an international dimension to Carmel, which implies more job sources, more work for local hotels and gastronomy and greater visibility. “This implies a leap in quality for Carmel and the region,” he stated.

Despite the fact that no company has submitted to the tender, the Tourism portfolio assured that there are two groups of Argentine investors that are interested in the project. As Monzeglio confirmed to El País, they have already toured the hotel and the area around it.

On the other hand, he added that there is a group of companies USA who is also interested in the opportunity but is a little less likely. “As long as the possibility of there being people who want to invest is latent, it is appropriate that we keep the call open,” said the undersecretary regarding the postponement of the bidding for the Carmelo work.

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