They murdered a mayoral candidate at the close of his campaign

They murdered a mayoral candidate at the close of his campaign

Alfredo Cabrera, candidate for mayor of Coyuca de Benítez, was murdered from behind during the closing of his campaign. The politician was shot several times.

The campaign for the general elections next Sunday in Mexico It closed with a tragic ending. Alfredo Cabreracandidate for mayor of Coyuca de Benítez, a town in the state of Warriorwas murdered when he performed his last act.

While the main presidential candidates, Claudia Sheinbaum and Xochitl Galvez closed their campaigns, the politician was assassinated in several shots in the back. At the crime scene, the presence of the National Guard, although it is still not clear if they were monitoring the event.

Mexico: what was the murder of the mayoral candidate like?

alfredo cabrerba mexico.mp4

The moment Alfredo Cabrera is murdered.

The murder was recorded on a video recorded by his followers. In the images, Cabrera can be seen smiling with his supporters. However, upon turning around, He receives several shots that caused panic of those who were present.

According to witnesses, other three people were injured and two were arrested. Regarding the person who fired the shots, the state prosecutor’s office stated: “The alleged attacker was killed at the scene.“.

With this homicide, authorities report that at least 23 candidates have been murdered since the electoral process beganin September 2023.

The murdered politician’s party blamed the Government

Gálvez, candidate of the same coalition of parties as Cabrera (PRI, PAN and PRD), referred to the tragic event and expressed “indignation” for the murder of Cabrera. Through social network X, the politician said that she knew him personally and that he was “a man generous and good“.

For his part, the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI)where the politician was active, regretted that the campaign had ended “in a violent“and cHe blamed the Guerrero government of not having made “not even the slightest effort” in protect candidates. Currently, that state is governed by the left-wing ruling party.

After the death of the candidate, some 100 million Mexicans – out of a population of 129 million – are eligible to vote in the presidential election a single round that is won by a simple majority. Now, more than 27,000 military and national guards will be deployed to guarantee the security of the elections.

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