Explosives found in house of Styrian bomb maker

Explosives found in house of Styrian bomb maker
The explosive devices placed on Jehovah’s Witnesses’ vehicles and buildings were only intended as a diversion.

The investigators took evidence and samples, and then the explosive material was detonated in a safe location, police said on Thursday. According to spokesman Markus Lamb, these were controlled explosions that were also noticeable to the population nearby. However, he assured that there was no danger. Samples taken previously are now being subjected to further analysis and investigation. Electronic evidence was also secured, which is still being forensically evaluated and examined. The police did not provide any information about the amount of explosives found.

Surrounding houses evacuated as a precaution

The house search lasted into the night and surrounding houses were evacuated as a precaution. Police experts for explosives (SKO) and hazardous substances (GKO) as well as the bomb disposal service (ESD) with special vehicles and an explosive suppression system were deployed. The investigative team set up at the State Office for State Protection and Combating Extremism (LSE) also received support from the Cobra task force, the operational unit (EE), forensic scientists from the Federal Criminal Police Office (BK) and police explosives detection dogs.

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The suspect, however, will probably be transferred to the Graz-Jakomini prison on Thursday, where he will most likely be remanded in custody on Friday. The suspect has been “very cooperative” so far, according to investigators.

Investigations are in full swing

The investigation is now continuing in the background: “In particular, statements made are being checked for their plausibility and supported by possible evidence. The search for the explosive device that was attached to the ex-wife’s vehicle at the beginning of May and was apparently lost is also continuing,” said the police. This could have already detonated unnoticed and without causing any damage. However, based on the findings and information available so far on the construction of the explosive device, it can be assumed that this object no longer poses an acute danger. If anyone does find any components, caution should be exercised and emergency services should be called 133.

According to investigators, violence occurred during the man’s relationship with his ex-wife, whom he actually had in his sights and wanted to kill. However, this has not yet been reported to the police. The explosives on the vehicles and buildings of Jehovah’s Witnesses were only intended to serve as a distraction. However, a bomb detonated on his ex-wife’s car did not explode. It is still missing.

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