Gunskirchen: Fire brigade and police join forces

Gunskirchen: Fire brigade and police join forces
Four million euros are budgeted for the new building.

Gunskirchen is breaking new ground in its security structure: the local council has unanimously decided to build a “security center.” A new building is to be built on the site of the existing fire station in Florianigasse, which will provide space for the volunteer fire department and the police station.

“We are investing around four million euros because safety is of great importance to the community’s population,” says Mayor Christian Schöffmann (VP). Deputy Mayor Christian Renner (SP), responsible for fire departments and municipal buildings, sees this as “a commitment to our emergency services, whose work in Gunskirchen is becoming increasingly challenging.”

More space for everyone

Both organizations need space: Due to population growth – Gunskirchen had 6,532 inhabitants as of January 2023 – the fire department needs additional exit gates and more parking spaces according to state regulations. The police station in Gunskirchen is outdated and also too small.

In addition to all technical requirements, the new center must also meet aesthetic requirements. The municipality is therefore holding an architectural competition. “We have had good experiences with this. We receive several designs and can, if necessary, adopt good ideas from various submissions,” says Schöffmann. The jury will include architects, municipal politicians and emergency services.

Another advantage of the location is the transport connection to the B1 via Blockstrasse. Due to the heavy traffic, the federal highway itself is often used as a location for operations.

The municipality wants to complete the preparations for the construction project this year, with construction starting in 2025. The new security center should be ready by 2026 at the latest, explains Schöffmann. The municipality will cover most of the costs of four million euros itself. The police will rent the approximately 200 square meter inspection building. “This is a financial challenge for us, but given its importance, our mission is clear,” says the mayor.

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